January 21, 2013

winter skincare saviours

With the recent flurry of snow that most parts of England have had for the last week or so, I couldn't resist putting up a Winter skincare favourites post, and obviously I had to take the product pictures in the snow. Personally I believe that in the cold climate it is more important than ever to take care of your skin properly, using the right products can turn your skin from dull and pasty looking to bright and radiant. I do tend to have slightly dry skin in the Winter which means I like to apply lots of lotions and potions to boost hydration.

I've been a fan of the Bliss moisturiser for a couple of years now (review here) and because of that couldn't resist trying out the face mask from the range. It's by no means cheap but is certainly an investment worth thinking about as it works brilliantly in the morning to hydrate and brighten your skin in an instant. You only need to use one pump in the palm of your hand (meaning the tube lasts forever) then massage onto damp skin and wait for a foam to appear. Wait around five minutes until the foam has sinked into your skin properly and then rinse off. It's my miracle product for mornings where it seems like nothing is going to stop me from looking like a vampire.

Ever since Winter started I have been applying this body oil at every given opportunity. It came in a Glossybox back in the Summer and has been a great discovery for me for quite a few reasons. Firstly, it smells of pomegranate, the scent isn't too sweet though once on the skin and just gives a subtle fresh and fruity aroma. Secondly and most importantly, it doesn't feel sticky or greasy on the skin, it sinks into the skin really well and leaves a delicate sheen to the skin.

Any products that have Aloe Vera as a main ingredient are bound to do your skin wonders for hydration however this product is one of the best. If I happen to neglect my skin and forget to moisturise then at times the skin on my legs can become very dry and flaky which is where this product comes in really handy. It feels really soothing yet dries instantly making it perfect for sensitive skin and is ideal for shaving rash too as it works wonders on irritated skin.

Another product that I brought back from Paris in the Summer and have been loving is this facial moisturiser. It comes in a tube meaning no bulky packaging and making it more hygienic to apply. As a rule face moisturisers aren't my favourite of products as it can be tricky to find one that suits your skin perfectly. Thankfully I'm a big fan of this one due to the consistency being more of a lotion than cream and it works perfectly when my skin is feeling dry and delicate. It just seems to feel really luxurious and if used as a night cream has plenty of time to get to work properly at rehydrating and plumping up your skin. This is another one of those French pharmacy products loved by make up artists and models, so definitely well worth having a look at.


I wanted to include this product in the post too as it's not often that you can find toners that are marketed to be hydrating. I usually avoid using a toner in Winter time as they can make my skin feel even drier and strip all of the oil from my skin. This product is a great alternative to use on dry or sensitive skin as not only does it do everything that a toner should but hydrates the skin too.

Sometimes when I'm at home and having a bit of a pamper session day I like to keep this facial spritz on my dresser and whenever I walk past give my face a generous spray. It's also a really handy product to apply when you are fresh out of the bath or shower as it's quick and easy to use and will absorb into your skin and get to work straight away. I definitely notice that my skin looks more bright and radiant the day after use.

What are your skincare must haves for Winter time?


  1. I haven't used any of these products! The oil sounds like a lovely product x

  2. i love how you took the pictures in the snow, so cute! My skin gets dry in the winter too!xx

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  3. I hope you drank a hot tea when you've finished making these photos! X


  4. Love the use of snow in these pictures! The winter skin savior I have is the Avon moisturizer, sorry I don't know the name on top of my head now. It has vitamin ac and e in it.

  5. The Weleda Oil seems really nice. I love the idea of a body oil that smells fruity - mine all smell kind of musty which I'm not sure I love!

  6. haven't tried any of these but really want to after reading this, the weleda oil sounds really nice! x


  7. I did a similar post but I'd love to try that Bliss product.

    Check me out sometime :)
    xoxo Chris

  8. My skin is a complete mess at the moment thanks to chemotherapy and now radiotherapy, so what that hasn't destroyed, the weather is now finishing off! I am going to invest in the Aloe Vera gel for my scar after radiotherapy. A great article, thank you xx