January 14, 2013

oral-b pulsonic slim electric toothbrush

Taking a slight break from the excessive amount of make up reviews, today I will be sharing my thoughts on an electric toothbrush. I will start off this post with a little confession, I'm pretty useless at brushing my teeth and often do them just once a day down to laziness. That being said I've had the luck of never having to have a filling so all in all I'm not too bad. In recent times I've favoured a normal toothbrush over an electric one, I'm not too sure as to why but I seem to always loose the charger and find the design of the brush too chunky. Thankfully I was recently sent the Oral-B Pulsonic Slim electric toothbrush to try out and I've been very impressed so far.

The first thing I noticed about the design was how sleek it is, it's only slightly larger than a manual toothbrush and is lightweight making it great for travelling. In the picture below you can really tell the difference in size compared to my previous electric toothbrush.

The next thing that I liked was how quiet it is, just a faint buzz compared to the irritating sound of my previous electric toothbrushes. But most importantly the biggest selling point of the brush is how it pulsates instead of rotates, which a dentist recently told me is much better for your teeth and also gives a much more thorough clean.

Old style rotating toothbrush head | New style pulsating toothbrush head

I was also impressed that from a full charge the battery lasts for around 10 days before needing to be charged up once more. The brush doesn't slow down once the battery is draining either, it simply cuts out, which I prefer as it means that it only ever runs at full power. After brushing my teeth I was really impressed how clean they felt and how shiny they looked, I've also been noticing how they are looking a little whiter. Overall, if you are in the market for a new toothbrush I would highly recommend considering this one as in my opinion it ticks every box and also isn't too expensive.


  1. It's so small! Looks very handy!

  2. looks really good, normal ones are always so chunky! x