October 20, 2012

cover fx total cover cream foundation

A couple of days ago I attended the launch event of some brand new foundation products by Cover FX and got to hear all about their new products. I hadn't really heard much about the brand until this point so it was interesting to see a room full of foundation shades for every different skin tone - the cream foundation comes in a whopping total of 28 shades which I think is really impressive. I was matched up very quickly using a skin tone chart and over the past few days have found that the match is perfect for my skin colour.

I was given my very own cream foundation and application brush to try out, the foundation already comes with a sponge but I find that I prefer to use the brush for daytime application and the sponge for a heavier coverage in the evening. I've been really impressed with the product so far, the coverage is better than any foundation I've tried before yet doesn't leave you looking caked up. As I said before, the shade is absolutely perfect for my olive toned pale skin and doesn't leave me looking washed out as some pale foundations can do. I also find that I can skin using concealer which is a great thing for me as concealing my imperfections and uneven skin tone is what I spend the longest amount of time doing in my make up routine. So far I'm massively impressed with the foundation, it comes in a handy little compact fitted with a mirror and sponge tray, covers any imperfections and boosts the radiance of my skin, lasts all day and is even enriched with Vitamins C and E to protect your skin.

The foundation retails at £37 which is undoubtedly very expensive, however when you consider that it can double up as a heavy weight concealer, is enriched with Vitamins and has an SPF 30 built in the reality of the high price point is eased slightly. Unfortunately for my bank balance I can see this product becoming a staple in my make up bag and will definitely look into repurchasing the product time and time again once it runs out.


  1. Ooohh looks really good! x

  2. Damn!The price is quite high, but it gives you flawless results! Might look into this!xo

  3. Wow it looks really nice and natural on you.. I like cream foundations but I haven't found one that blows me away.. That brush reminds me of my Tom Ford Cream Foundation brush.. Very very similar shape

  4. Wow your skin really does look flawless! May have to get my hands on this sometime soon....xo


  5. That looks really nice on your skin! I wonder does it cling on dry patches?

  6. Tell us please what shade you were matched. Thanks