October 09, 2012

bioré japenese tea party

Tonight I decided to be a good blogger and ventured out into SoHo after a long days interning for the Bioré Japenese tea party event, not that it took a lot of persuasion. The event was based around the idea of cleansing your skin from the outside but also cleansing your body on the inside, hence the tea theme. There was even a special Bioré blend of tea made by a tea expert for us to try out and take home who told us that he has had 1.5 million cups of tea in just fourteen years. Firstly we were given a short but informative chat about all things tea related, and told how to brew the perfect cuppa. It was news to me that the only difference between green tea and black tea is that the black tea leaves are left to ferment for just an hour longer than the green, I actually thought they were from different plants before being told this! After the tea talk we got to have a taste of all the components in the special Bioré blend of tea separately, this really gave me a great concept of how the different flavours combine to make the perfect brew. Aside from the Japanese tea theme I can't wait to try out the Bioré products included in my gift bag to share my thoughts with you all!

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