October 30, 2012

elegant touch envy wraps

I've tried a few nail wrap kits before and being the clumsy person I am they never work out particularly well. The idea is that you paint on a base coat then carefully place your selected size of nail wrap over each nail and smooth down any bumps then file down the excess wrap at the end of the nail and finish with topcoat. Sounds easy enough but I always find it quite tricky to seal the tip of the wrap which I know realise is all in the amount of pressure you press the wrap down onto your nail with and file correctly. Just make sure that you don't file side to side as you would normally and file downwards away from the nail to mould the wrap to your nail properly. I personally prefer to apply a couple of layers of topcoat so that they last longer, these particular wraps lasted 2-3 days on my nails before peeling which despite the effort in applying them was well worth it as they look so glittery and eye catching. I figure that as with everything in the beauty world it's just a case of practice makes perfect and in time I will master the nail wrap look.

Elegant Touch Envy Wrap Bling Nail Wraps - £6


  1. These look amazing! I've never tried any nail wraps, because I'm so inpatient, but I'm sure I'll give in some time soon :D xo

  2. Always love some sparkle. Still need to try nail wraps myself:)

    Sara xx

  3. I'm having a hard time visualizing how nail wraps are used. I'll skip the headache and just stare at how lovely your nails look!

    In my book, the beauty world's all about "practice makes perfect" and "trials-and-errors". :)