April 28, 2011

liz earle botanical shine shampoo and conditioner

Lately I've been absolutely adoring these two wonderful haircare products by Liz Earle. In my time I've tried countless different shampoos and conditioners from budget to high end and I can honestly say that these two completely blow them out of the water for both value for money and quality. I've been using them both for about a month now and I have really noticed how much shinier my hair has been looking. The shampoo lathers up really well which is great considering it has no nasty sulphates, and the conditioner is lovely and creamy but is light-weight enough to wash out easily.  I love how they nourish my hair but don't weight it down and keep it feeling nice and fresh. I really like the the scent of them both too, they both have different smells and I have absolutely no idea how to describe them properly but freshly cut grass is probably the nearest I can get. I could more than happily repurchase these time after time as they simply do exactly what my hair needs. When we've had family over they've all loved trying them out too and without me even asking them they said how much they loved our shampoo and conditioner, result!

Liz Earle also have a fab offer running at the moment for all you girls after a bargain. You can purchase any three full sized bottles from the botanical range, of any combination that you fancy for just £19.95 (£6.65 per bottle) including postage! I will be taking advantage of this offer too, but hurry as it ends on the 3rd May.


  1. I love these too. I love everything by Liz Earle in fact! xx

  2. wow they sound great I need a new shampoo never heard about these before xx