April 07, 2011

a tour around the liz earle offices

On Monday I was lucky enough to be invited for a tour around the Liz Earle head offices on the Isle of Wight. It was such an amazing experience for me as I absolutely love Liz Earle products and knew it would make a really good feature on my blog. We drove up to The Green House (the name of the offcies) to see a huge building with mint coloured blinds and of course the Liz Earle logo on the side. The tour started off meeting the manager of the fulfilment department who took us through every stage of customers orders from printing off the orders to the tissue wrapping of each product and finally putting orders together. I thought it was so cool to get to see the masses of Liz Earle products getting ready to be 'picked' and put into orders. I also loved being able to see where all of my orders come from. We even got a chance to have a go at wrapping up a Cleanse and Polish, apparently the technique is inspired by Japanese origami. It's a very precise procedure and can take up to a whole year to learn to master properly. Then we went on to the customer service department and met a woman who told us about the companies history and how they encourage people to ring up with an queries even if they haven't purchased a product. The staff also get Indian head massages, yoga classes and product allowances each month, what a great job! After that we had a chat with a man from the product development team who was a big part in creating the new shampoo and conditioners. Apparently it took a whole six years to start from scratch and to find all of the ingredients! He even told us how they went through over one hundred different formulations to find the perfect product in the end.

Finally we took a short taxi drive (in a mini bus with the Liz Earle logo printed on) with Laura and Andrea from the PR team who were absolutely lovely and had a good chat with them on the way to the offices of the creative team. These offices were a lot smaller as they only had a team of about twenty people working in them whereas at The Green House they have a team of over three hundred people! The building was right on the seafront and had truly stunning views of the sea, apparently they have meetings out on the lawn in the summer. We heard about how the newsletters are put together, the process in opening the Leeds store and even had a very sneaky peek at this years Christmas packaging.

I seemed to have spent the whole day so interested that I didn't take as many pictures as I should have done. However I think the most interesting picture has to be this one of the old Liz Earle packaging. Considering the company first started in 1995 the packaging has come a long way since the products on the left, but you can still definitely see the similarities in the products on the right compared to the ones we see on the shelves today.

An hour and a half later after the tour had finished the PR girls handed us some goodies. I was completely speechless by how generous they had been with arranging a brilliant tour and then giving us some products afterwards! My mum had come with me on the tour as she was really interested in seeing how the company worked and I just thought it was so kind and thoughtful of them to give her a goodie bag too, how lovely.

In my goodie bag I received the Brightening mask treatment, an Instant Boost Skin Tonic, a Cleanse and Polish kit, the Skin Repair Moisturiser and the Botanical Essence perfume. My mum was given a Cleanse and Polish kit, an Instant Boost Skin Tonic and the Superskin Moisturiser which she was obviously completely over the moon about too!

I had such a great day and learned so many new things about Liz Earle which has made me love them as a company even more than I did before. If you haven't already seen my post on the shop tour of the Liz Earle 'Union' store on the Isle of Wight you can also check that out here.

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks so much again to the PR girls Laura and Andrea!


  1. You bet I enjoyed this post :) Such a cool opportunity you got there. Thanks for sharing your experience! x

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing day, lucky girl!!!!


  3. That looks like the greatest tour ever!
    Awesome to see you blogging again (:

  4. Awesome post! Your blog is inspirational to me as I've just started my beauty blog.

    John :-)

  5. Your day sounds fab and the offices are in such a lovely place! I love Liz Earle products and it's nice to know they really care about customer service too :) xx

  6. Looks like you had an amazing day! :) xx

  7. I really enjoyed this post, it was so interesting.
    I've wanted to try Liz Earle for such a long time now, but it encourages me even more to know how well they treat their employees.

  8. Enjoyed reading your post; I've only just started using Liz Earle, and I love the range (although not seen any improvements as of yet though. But fingers crossed :)

    Check out my blog: http://hairandbeautylicious.blogspot.com/