April 13, 2011

xen-tan reviews

With the weather warming up my need to be tanned is becoming more and more apparent. Compared to most people I'm not quite as obsessive to be labelled a 'tanaholic' but nothing beats the feeling of being bronzed!

Scent Secure -
Personally the 'fake tan smell' doesn't bother me too much, obviously I'd prefer that it wasn't there but it's nothing that really irritates me. However I did find that it completely covered up any trace of 'fake tan smell' and left my skin smelling just like watermelon, so it's worth having a look at for people that hate the smell of fake tan. Just remember to apply it one hour after your fake tan and you will be smelling as fresh as a daisy in no time. The body lotion costs £24.99 and to be honest personally I'd rather just put up with the smell.

Dark lotion absolute luxe -
Without a doubt this is the darkest fake tan that I've tried yet I find the colour looks perfectly natural. The application does take a little while as the lotion is quite thick and you have to be careful to rub it in properly and to not miss areas. The effort is really worth it though as you will wake up with a tan looking like you've spent two weeks in Mexico. It smells really yummy too, like a mix between vanilla and chocolate, they've also added scent secure into the formula which is great. I like to use it just on my legs and arms as I don't want to waste product on areas that don't need such a heavy tan. Unfortunately the price really puts me off and at £39.99 I won't be repurchasing it any time soon, I really don't know who Xen Tan expect to pay that kind of money on fake tan that will only last you about four full body applications. That being said the results do last about a week on average so you get a months supply per tube but I'd still rather stick to my St Moriz!


  1. £39.99 is crazy!
    i've tried two of xen tan's products and both of them have really nice scents (especially compared to other brands) so i don't really see much point in the top product. also i normally put it on before bed and wash it off the morning after so most of the smell comes off then :\ lol

    sarahbox04.blogspot.com xx

  2. I cant believe the price of that! Think of how many bottles of st moriz you could get with the money spent on one of those!!

  3. This sounds great but i agree about the price! x

  4. Ahh another lover of St Moriz,
    I keep reading negative(ish) reviews on Xen-Tan.
    So I think I'm going to stick to St Moriz and not waste my money.
    Thanks for the review :D

  5. Ah sounds amazing, but the price is kind of off putting. Your tan does look gorgeous though! x x

  6. I like st moriz too and love the price BUT found it made my skin dry and played havoc on my eczema where as xen tan was great on this abs it went away