December 24, 2010

space nk package of samples

I thought that I'd just quickly mention that I received an amazing package from Space NK the other day. As I helped them out in one of their campaigns and advertised their 20% off event. They informed me a couple of weeks ago that they would send a small package of samples as a thank you, and here was me expecting a bunch of testers the size that you get in mags, but they actually sent me really generous trial sized products. I think my mum will agree as a witness of when I opened the package that I was overjoyed. Pretty much all of the samples are by brands which I have never tried and wouldn't be able to afford so they will be great to review on my blog. So a massive thank you to Space NK, I will most definitely be shopping there more often.

Here is what they sent me..

I have only so far tried out one product, which is the 'Laughter' perfume by Space NK. I adore it. I am a great fan of fresh smelling perfumes but most of which that I have tried ended up being overpowering and giving me a headache. But this perfume by Space NK is really different and they have the balance of fresh and peppery scents balanced perfectly. I am no perfume expert so I'd recommend that you go try it out for yourself but I guarantee that if you like fresh smelling perfumes that you will love it. It also has amazing staying power which can also be a problem with other perfumes. I only have to spray two to three times for it to take a fair few hours to die down and need to be reapplied. I highly recommend giving it a go, especially when winter is starting to fade and spring is coming along. I got the 15ml size which is great to buy if you want to try out the perfume first. They also do lots of different gift sets in this scent and body wash, body lotion, hand lotion & body polish if you like it as much as I do!

Available in -
Laughter Eau de Parfum 50ml - £60
Eau de Toilette 50ml - £40
Eau de Toilette 15ml - £20

Click the links above to take a closer look & to head over to the Space NK website.

also I thought that I'd just let you all know that the Space NK Christmas sale starts tomorrow. So if you have a few extra minutes between pigging out and watching Christmas films I'd definitely recommend that you check it out. If not, just head over there on boxing day to get a few bargains with your Christmas money.


  1. Ooh lucky girl! Looking forward to the impending reviews on these babies! xoxo

  2. ooh thats lovely of them! and they are really decent sized trial products as well, might be a little bit jealous, hehe :) x

  3. OMG What an amazing package! You got spoiled!