December 21, 2010

mac pink friday

I finally got round to buying 'pink friday' lipstick the other day by Mac and Nicki Minaj. It was only available for four fridays in a row, the last of which being last friday when I bought mine. I don't really know why that was the case, probably for publicity purposes, and I don't really care, all I care is that it is an amazing pink lippie! I would be more than happy to own every single pink lipstick on the planet, neon pink, fuchsia pink, barbie pink, baby pink, you name it, I love it! It reminds me of a perfect mix between St Germain and Snob lipstick by Mac, both of which I am constantly wearing, but this has a much nicer finish on the lips. It is what I can best describe as a chalky pink colour with very blue undertones. It is slightly more wearable than St Germain and a bit more of a fun colour than Snob. Unfortunately you won't be able to pick it up from Mac anymore, but if you are lucky you may be able to pick one up on ebay from a reputable seller, though people are charging silly amounts for them from what I have heard. And as you can see, it applies as much more of a lighter colour than how it first looks in the tube.

(excuse that my lips look dry, blame winter)


  1. I got mine the first Friday it came out & I love it too :) I was scared because loads of people had mixed reactions and thoughts to it but I'm really glad I got it :)

    Kaushal xx

  2. i'm so jelous! i went to buy one a couple of weeks ago but the woman said they had run out (as it was only a small counter) :((

    anyway, i love your blog, now following xxxx


  3. You make unwearable colours look wearable. Gahh jealous xx

  4. wow! thats such a bright beautiful colour, kind of reminds me of barry m 100 but brighter! x

  5. Oh it looks lovely but I'm not sure if it would suit my skintone...

  6. Great photos on this! I didn't get it, I do love a pink lippie too- however I am trying to be more sensible & not buy everyone in site (it is so so hard) & as I was a bit 'umm &ahh' about this one, I decided not too. It does look gorgeous, but I'm just not sure it would suit me when its actually on my lips

  7. I can't wait to get this lippie through the post! It looks gorg on you x