December 01, 2010

star gazer eye dusts

As I'm sure most of you have seen I did a blog post a few days ago on a stargazer lipstick. I had a really great response from it and the PR company working with stargazer contacted me via email a few hours after it was up. They said how much they loved the post and that they wanted to send me a few goodies as a thank you. Wow! I can't even put into words how lovely the woman that contacted me was and she said that what I review was totally up to me. So the next day after they contacted me I received a parcel filled with brightly coloured make up, happy days. I will of course be reviewing everything, as I always do, but for now here is a review on the eye dusts!

Shade 47 -
a very bright fuchsia barbie pink colour with hints of gold and silver.

Shade 103 -
a deep purple colour with lots of silver shimmer

Shade 101 -
an electric lime green colour with a metallic silver shimmer

Shade 6 -
a fairly matte deep pink/red colour with a touch of violet undertones

Shade 102 -
a simple bright blue colour with silver glitter

Shade 106 -
a violet purple colour with lots of silver glitter

As you can see they are all very vibrant and pigmented colours. They are a little messy so just be careful when you are unscrewing the little pots. I love the amount of glitter that comes in each one! Obviously they will last a lot longer on the lids if you use a primer and make sure that you cover your cheek before you apply them to your eyes to protect from 'fall out'. And if you apply them damp you get more of a vibrant effect. The packaging is really simple and sleek and are great for your make up collection as you can really easily see which colours they are through the lid.

The stargazer website is a little difficult to navigate and see proper swatches but hopefully you will be able to see which colours you like fairly easily. You can find the eye shadow dusts here. Alternatively you can buy stargazer in New Look stores, they cost just £3 each.


  1. the colour are so pretty-I love 101, 103and 106.

  2. woah fabulous pigmentation!xxx

  3. i have one of these not in the colors you have though such great pigment in their products :)

  4. woah! The colours are so pretty:)