December 15, 2010

another stargazer polish


This is such a gorgeous glittery red colour with purple shimmer. It is such a unique colour and truly looks like christmas in a little retro nail polish bottle. From my experience the stargazer polishes apply beautifully and they last just as long as expensive brands such as opi or essie. I'd definitely highly recommend them at only £3 per bottle! And as I've said before they are easy to get hold of in most new look stores. The shade is '318'.


  1. Ooooh, I love this colour - I will be keeping my eyes peeled for this!! I love red nails around Christmas time :) xoxo

  2. Pretty! It reminds me of fruity cocktails for some reason...You might like their lippy 128 if you like this, it's a red-pink with strong blue shift which makes it look almost purple. So unique and stunning :)

  3. I love the stargazer polished you have been showing, I have never really tried them or given them a second look but I am off to have a look now

  4. I am growing a small collection of these nail polishes and this one would fit in that collection perfectly.

  5. Lovely colour, I keep forgetting to check out New Look's polishes.
    The new header is great, though the advert above it is a little distracting.

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