August 05, 2010

lush twilight bath ballisitc

Just when you think that you have found your favourite Lush bath ballistic, they come up with even more gorgeously irresistible scents. Twilight is the perfect bath bomb for night time baths before you head off to bed as it has lavender in which makes you extra sleepy. It also really winds you down and calms stress. 

Once it starts to lather away it reveals a bright baby blue center and turns your bath into a beautiful marbled pink and blue effect.

Towards the end when it slowly fizzes away it releases a small amount of glitter to make your bath look like outer space, twinkly stars and the bath bomb looks like a bright pink meteor.

Such an exciting, magical bath bomb, I would highly recommend it at only £2.95!


  1. I've seen a few reviews of this bathbomb and I can't wait to get my hands on it!
    It looks gorgeous & great pictures :)

  2. Wow, defintiely going to have to try this it looks amazing :)
    - Beth x

  3. Awh, It looks so pretty! (:
    Thanks for the review xx

  4. Ooh this looks beautiful! I've seen so many gorgeous new Lush products on blogs these past few days that I simply have to visit there soon!