July 29, 2010

lush mrs. whippy bath ballistic

As a few of you may know, Lush have recently released four new bath ballistics. I have already bought them all and have reviews coming up, today's review is on..

Mrs. Whippy Bath Ballistic

I'm sure that you all remember the happy tune of the ice cream van coming down your road as a kid. I always used to rush round the house trying to find the right change before it drove off and then when I handed over the money to the ice cream man I would rightfully ask for every kind of sprinkles and syrup that they had on offer. Every time I look at the new 'Mrs. Whippy' bath ballistic by Lush it brings the memories flooding back, as it looks like the top of a 99p ice cream with bright pink sprinkles. It smells gorgeous and how I can best describe as a milky/creamy vanilla scent, just like ice cream!

It lathers rather than fizzes, and slowly releases the softest, silkiest creamy bubbles I have ever experienced from one of Lush's bath products. The bubbles are so fine that they feel so luxurious and soft on the skin. The bath bomb also has small grains of body butter, like butterball. After it has been fizzing away for a little while it reveals a bright pink center.

Mrs. Whippy bath ballistic costs only £2.50 and it's worth every penny for a really relaxing bath and super soft skin after.

Head over to the Lush website to read more about Mrs. Whippy!


  1. Looks divine i want 1. Thanks for the pretty photos xx

  2. oo this looks lovely- I can't wait to get this, it sounds so relaxing :)

  3. So need this in my bath time! Lol! Looks gorge xxx

  4. I read this yesterday and bought it today, can't wait to try it :) x