August 10, 2010

'holy grail' moisturiser?

I've tried plenty of moisturizers in my time, and the bliss oxygen+c energizing cream is by far the best. I was really tempted to buy it after it was nearly half price down from £45 to £27 on asos, so I splurged. Nearly every single moisturizer that I have tried in the past has left the infamous layer of slight grease over my skin and made my skin feel heavy and oily, yuck. But this moisturizer is completely different, it sinks straight into the skin without any greasy film whatsoever. It's so light that it almost feels like water. I apply a pea size amount and massage the moisturizer into my skin for 30 seconds, as advised, and my skin instantly feels rejuvenated and fresh. After a few uses I very quickly started to notice my skin looking so much healthier and brighter, compared to my dull, tired out skin before. You literally only need the tiniest amount to cover your whole face, so I can imagine this pot lasting me quite a while. I can't recommend it enough, for both oily and dry skin it works perfectly. I'm not usually the kind of person to spend more than £20 on a moisturizer, but I've been completely converted. It also smells divine and really fresh on the skin. I will definitely be repurchasing this for the full price once mine has ran out, and can't think of any reason to use any other moisturizer from now on. Seriously, once you buy this you will never look back!

You can purchase the Bliss triple oxygen+c energizing cream on the Bliss website or at Look Fantastic, Harrods, Boots or John Lewis.

You can see how light the gel-cream looks on the skin during application..

Once the moisturiser has been applied the skin instantly looks so much healthier and glowing..

Overall this moisturizer most definitely deserves a 10/10!


  1. I have never tried this but all of the bliss products I have tried have been worth the high price. My two favorites of the moment are the Peter Thomas Roth Moisturizer and the Bioelements one (its like a gel consistency). What is your skin type?

  2. @shaglam I haven't a clue what my skin type is to be honest, it varies from really dry to really oily! x

  3. This looks like really good stuff. I'm so tempted to get it- it looks so creamy and yummy for my skin, though I just cannot justify the £45. I looked on the ASOS website and I can't find it at all, let alone for £27. I'm going to New York in a few weeks, so if I can hunt it down, I guess it'll be loads cheaper. Great review xx

  4. @blahh yeah, it's out of stock now :( Ooh good look hunting it down, have a great time in NY!

  5. Oooh that sounds perfect for me!

  6. I could never justify that amount of money for a moisturiser! It does look really good though.I use Niveas oxygen moisturiser its really good!

    I love your blog. Your almost 2 years younger than me but Ive followed your opinion a few times and its always worked for me lol.
    If you have any time Im having a blog sale. And id love it if you check it out. Ive just got into blogging again (my old blog got deleted :() Anyway Thanks for keeping me entertained!

  7. This sounds amazing anything that is described as making the skin appear 'healthy and glowy' always spark my interest I'll have to give it a try! x


  8. The gel-cream texture makes it look even more yummy ^^

  9. I Havent tried Bliss as its not available in my country(Philippines). Bit I can probably order it in the website (just hope it does deliver internationally). But I love Dermalogica's Active Moist Moisturiser. Its easily absorbed by the skin, it moisturises my skin without the greasy feeling.



  10. I've never spent a lot of money on a moisturizer since I think it's more effective to purchase a product that is scientifically proven to work such as Retin-A or a vitamin c serum (proven to reduce brown spots and protect against the sun etc). All moisturizers seem similar to me except for texture and fragrance. I've used Cetaphil on my face for years and liked it just fine. I'll have to try a sample of this one though since you've had such a great experience with it.