August 24, 2010

graze boxes explained

I recently decided to sign up to the 'nibble boxes' by a company called 'Graze'. If you haven't heard of this company before, they basically send you a box that has four portions of healthy snacks in, twice a week, for you to munch on throughout the week. I got my first box in the post today, and I'm in love! I've never really thought about trying that kind of thing before because I always assumed that it would be expensive and that the healthy snacks would taste bland. I couldn't have got it more wrong to be honest! Each 'nibble box' costs £2.99 with free postage and is thin enough to be posted directly through your letterbox. I am also amazed at how delish the snacks are and I'd quite happily swap a packet of crisps for a portion of the fiery crackers or roasted seeds. They are seasoned really well so they actually taste like a nice treat and the fact that they are actually good for you is just a bonus! 

Here is what I received in today's box..

The box just comes through the letterbox just like a normal letter or small parcel..

You can take the portions out of the box separately to take to school or college, or you can just take them all together in the box as it is so thin and light weight.

The box also comes with a serviette and a pick/spoon..

'Great Fire Dragon'
Jumbo Chilli Maize, Roasted & Salted Maize and Satay Broad Beans.
This is really yummy and has a small fiery kick, I'd rate it 8/10.

 'Green olives in citrus marinade'
These olives come without the stones which is really handy. They are fresh tasting and don't taste overpowering. I'd rate them 7/10.

'The Beach'
A mix of dried banana, pineapple and mango. Oh-my-god. These are absolutely amazing. They taste so sweet and yummy. I've tried dried pineapple from lots of different companies before and this is most definitely the best that I have ever tried, it's so sweet and chewy. The mango and the banana are equally delish, definitely a 10/10!

'Savoury Roasted Seeds'
Roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds. These are really nice to snack on as they are so good for you and are a good alternative to crisps as they are really crunchy. They are seasoned nicely so they aren't bland tasting as you would expect. I'd give them a 7/10.

I'm currently on a plan where I receive a box every Tuesday and Thursday. I got my first box for free and you have the option of being able to cancel your subscription at any time. If you decide that after you have your free box that it isn't for you, it won't cost you a penny! My second box will be half price which is also really good. 

As I'm going on holiday on Friday I was able to select the 'going away' option on the website, where you can book a vacation and cancel any orders while you are away for up to 3 months! It's really easy to do and took me literally 30 seconds.

Here are all the different kinds of snacks that you can choose from (there are over 100 different options altogether, here are just a few examples)..

Fresh fruit..

Pitted olives (no stones)..

Yummy flapjacks..

Natural treats..


Dried fruit and nut mixes..


They also have a rating system:
  • 'Bin' means that if you hate something you can virtually bin it and never receive it again, this is reversible though.
  • 'Try' means that you are happy to try it and that obviously you haven't tried it yet.
  • 'Like' means that you would like to receive the snack every now and then.
  • 'Love' means that you adore this snack and would like to have it sent to you as regular as possible.
  • 'Send soon' tells 'Graze' that you would like them to send you this snack in your next box if possible.

and if you decide that you dislike a particular ingredient, like cashews for example, you get this option:

the website then goes on to bring you to a page where you can rate everything that contains that ingredient, or simply bin everything containing cashews for example.

You can click on any of the snacks for more information and to see the full list of ingredients..

To simplify everything, this is what 'Graze' have to say..

If you would like to try the 'Graze' boxes, then you can get your first box for free and the second half price. You can also cancel at any time, as I said before. Basically, you can try one of their boxes for free and cancel straight away, which will cost you nothing. Just enter my code F21VCHV3 when you sign up, simples!

Click here to go to the Graze website and have a good browse.


  1. On the website does it tell you calorific content? x

  2. This actually sounds amazing! Definintely going to give this a try at some point!

  3. This looks like such a good idea! I always find myself getting hungry and reaching for typical sugary snacks because I can never be bothered to organise healthy snacks to take out with me. Quite tempted to start getting these when I'm back at Uni! x

  4. this is so cool and i wish there was smoething like this in ontario!

  5. this looks so nice! i've signed up to get the nibble boxes after this. thankyou for the voucher code! :) xx

  6. Wow this post made me so hungry!!
    I'd love to try this out but I'll have to wait as they don't deliver to the Republic of Ireland yet :(

  7. wow that's such a cool idea! i'm so fussy with food so they wouldn't be good for me but they are so cute<3

  8. @Onna nope but I think you can select an option for if you are on a strict diet so that they only send you the ultra healthy stuff


  9. Great post, would love to try this, love seeds and the look of those fiery cashews!

  10. love this, ive signed up for my free box on friday, and my half price on saturday... if its as good as it looks will defo keep a once a week delivery!

  11. Mmmmmm! I'm definitely going to try this and use your code! :)

    Also, I tagged you here: http://gemmaantonia.blogspot.com/2010/08/tag-8-questions.html I hope you do it :)