August 18, 2010

detox update

So it's three days later, and I've lost 3 1/2 lbs and lost 1/2 an inch on my waist, which is pretty amazing. However, as I said before it wasn't about losing weight that made me want to go on a detox, it was to give my body a bit of a clean out as I've been feeling really groggy lately. The detox has actually been really hard and I wasn't expecting it to be this difficult at all. I'd only ever recommend anyone to go on a detox if it's for a few days and if they are feeling in high spirits and motivated to start with, or it will make you feel very low and drained of energy. I have seen a massive difference in my skin, it's so much brighter and gone from very dull to positively radiant. Green tea and apples will be your best friends! I've also been taking anti bloating pills to help along the way.

Day one..

One big cup of green tea (I've been drinking this green tea on every day of my diet)

A large bowl of plain cous cous (I seasoned it with a tiny big of olive oil and vegetable stock) lasted me long enough for lunch and tea.

One tomato with a pinch of salt

Two fresh apples.. mm

Day two..
Chinese vegetable and noodle broth (noodles aren't ideal for a detox as they are a carb)

Ingredients.. oyster mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, snow peas, bean sprouts and cauldron tofu. I also added soy sauce, vegetable stock and a tiny bit of sesame oil for flavour. This big pan also lasted long enough for one bowl for lunch and one bowl for tea.

Snacks -
One apple
A handful of strawberries
One portion of raw pineapple from M&S

Day three..
Homemade carrot and lentil soup for lunch

Cous cous with chickpeas, tomato and coriander for tea.

Snacks -
One apple and one skinny cow chocolate ice cream at 87 calories (I was losing the plot with all this healthy food so gave in to a little treat)

The zero fat version of lemonade -
Robinsons do this gorgeous lemon cordial drink and you can mix it with either fizzy or still water for a really refreshing zero fat version of lemonade, it's seriously yummmy.

So all in all, don't under estimate going on a detox. It will be bloody hard and the sight of healthy food after a few days will make you want to stick your head in the sand. After three days I've almost had enough and after tomorrow, I'm going on to a diet rather than a detox, and eating what I like as long as I stick under 1,000 calories as my daily limit. It has made me feel pretty crappy and I've lost a lot of energy. It has been worth it in the long run but argh it's made me a moody and miserable cow. I hope some of you found this helpful somehow, and take it from the detox guinea pig, only ever go on a detox for your health (i.e. to get rid of bloating) and see losing weight as a bonus.


  1. WOW omg thats AMAZING! You've really inspired me to try this detox. Have you been exercising as well??
    xoxo Debby

  2. i found my detox fine for the first two days & then hell for my last one and i gave in at about 12pm at night haha.

    i lost half a stone on mine, i did the 3-day detox (i just found it online) and you basically live off black tea/coffee, tuna and toast. but your not allowed any sauces so its really dry! defiantly works for a quick fix although all the weight did go back on! i think there a good thing to do though to kickstart a diet.

  3. I love cous cous! We never eat enough of this at home )=

    I also drink green tea on a daily basis.

    And pineapples are yummy!

  4. Everything looks so yummy! It's the kind of thing I eat on a daily basis :) Apart from being a chocoholic I'm obsessed with eating super healthy :) Cous cous is amazing :)


  5. It all looks so tasty! I know what I'll be getting when I go to the grocery store, lol.

    Nice blog you have here :-)