February 02, 2010

models own swatches

O.k. I know what your thinking and I'm thinking the same. Jess, did you really need more polishes? Well the answer is yes, and I'm not sorry! I know your going to think I'm a complete nutter, but I wear nail polish every single day. My nail polish collection was looking a bit sorry for it self and after I got my first lot of Model's Own polishes, it begged for more. So I ordered six more. Don't blame me, I'm a sucker for pretty colours! Everyone is allowed a treat now and then. Take a look at my second lot of colours! If you haven't seen the first lot click here.

Pink Explosion

Sterling Silver

Buff Pink

Pink Fizz

Deep Purple

Peacock Green

Purple Rain

I am now left with completely mismatched nails, attractive! 


  1. YAY it worked lol.
    Pink fizz looks AMAZING. Is it rightly packed with glitter or does it need a good few coats?

  2. I usually give the glitter one two or three coats
    but it applies really easily :)
    jam packed with glitter!

  3. I did a Models Own swatch post today too and my nails look a mess with 10 different colours on them! Need to paint them before uni tomorrow or everyone will think I'm mental haha


  4. yummie, i want buff pink! yum yum yum! x

  5. your crazy lmao!!
    Im trying to upload my pictures but they keep coming up as bad something or other booo!

    I got pink explosion <3

  6. Buff Pink and Pink Fizz look gorg!
    Nice haul :)