February 22, 2010

mac russian red lipstick

I'm totally in love with this lipstick. It's a classic red. It suits me perfectly as I have green eyes and dark brown hair. Granted, it's not the brightest red lipstick that you will find, I am usually more of a lover of the bright red lips, but it's a gorgeous deep red for night time wear.

Swatch -


  1. Hey doll, i think you used to follow my old blog, i just made a new one & wondered if you would follow me again, i already follow you :) http://thecreepyprincess.blogspot.com/ xx

    I soooo wish i could wear red lippy.. this is lovely, my lips are thin though & red makes me look like an old lady haha xx

  2. Babe, I have this an I love it! it is the perfect classic red and makes me feel very sophis! :)
    Looks lovely on you.
    x x x

  3. this colour red totally suits you :) i wish i could carry off red lipstick but im too pale i think ide look a bit ridiculous i have always wanted to get a MAC red lipstick to add to my collection of nude lipsticks i dont think i have the bottle though haha