February 02, 2010

nars multiples swatches

Just a few swatches of some of my all time favourite products from Nars. I won't bother ranting on about them, because to be honest, they are fantastic. End of. They glide on you cheeks so easy and blend into your skin like a dream. These are said to last five years! Do keep in mind that I put a lot of product on for swatches so it was more noticeable, it won't look this dramatic usually.





  1. These look gorgeous on the swatches! I've only ever owned one NARS product, I feel like such an outcast haha, it's a blush called Soleil, but I'm not all that fussed on it. I've always wanted to try 'Orgasm', and the 'Laguna' bronzer too. Everyone seems to hype about those two in particular :) How much were these each? Cause' I know NARS can be expensive for things sometimes. :)


  2. They are usually around £25, but I got one in a blog sale :)
    Have had the highlighter one for years!
    I like Laguna bronzer a lot, it's very natural looking :)

  3. They look so good, I'ma get me some of these babies!

  4. Love the orgasm and copacabana, think I need to get these

  5. Oh these are so pretty. I have Orgasm Blush which I really like. I might have to buy one of these beauties now!

  6. Sure!
    I will do it some time this/next week :)

  7. ooh they are gorgeous hunni!!
    Have you ever tried NARS foundation?
    Im currently on a mega hunt to find the perfect foundation,so far im thinking Chanel pro lumiere,NARS,or RMK!
    Please check out my Beauty blog http://www.pixielashes.com love Nat xxx