February 08, 2010

lush big shampoo

Yes, more Lush! Hope you don't mind. At first this shampoo felt really weird in my hair and wasn't sure it was going to work. I kept massaging it into my scalp and eventually it worked up a really good lather. It's full of little grains, similar to ocean salt, which got rid of my itchiness on my scalp really well. Given it took longer to lather than most shampoos, but once it got going it actually gave off a better lather than nearly all shampoos I have used. After I had washed it off my hair felt really quite dry, which was a really good thing as it soaked up my conditioner really well. When I came out of the shower I noticed straight away how silky and smooth my hair felt. Later when my hair had dried it looked vibrant, fresh, clarified, shiny & soft. It seemed to have worked really well at bringing out my natural hair colour. It also gave my hair great volume and 'bounce'. Though I love this shampoo, I used a 1/4 of the tub just in one use because my hair is very long and thick, so I would only use it once a week. This has quickly become my favourite shampoo I have ever used. I recommend you try it!


  1. Awww thanks for the reveiw sweetie! :) So want to try this :) xoxo

  2. I love this shampoo too hun! And I never get fed up with talking about or reading about Lush hehe :) x x

  3. My hair always feels so clean when I use this, I'm not sure that it gets bigger though. People keep warning that it could dry hair out. I've started mixing it with Curly Wurly and only use it about once a week.