August 09, 2013

schwarzkopf cosmic blue

Since dying my hair 'blueberry crush' by Schwarzkopf the colour had faded so this time I decided to go for the shade 'cosmic blue'. I found this much easier to apply than using mousse as with 'blueberry crush' and it didn't stain my skin either or get all over the bathroom tiles. I also noticed that it washed out easier, so I will definitely be using this shade over the other next time. In terms of colour it seems more vibrant too and lifts the hair colour to give a more blue and less black shade, I absolutely love it.


  1. Oo it looks really pretty - really suits you :)


  2. A couple of years ago this was my go to shade and i loved it! It's a bit dark for me now but looks lovely here :)

  3. I love that color on you! I also think that your lips are amazing!! You're a beauty queen to me!