August 17, 2013

ark double cleanse

Recently I've been wanting to get into a better skincare routine and use products that will do my skin a great deal of good, so with that in mind I've been trying out double cleansing for a change. As a trained beauty therapist I was taught a fair amount about skincare and whilst practising facials learnt the importance of double cleansing. Step one is the pre cleanse which removes make up and dirt from the skin, whilst step two removes anything that is left underneath the layers of make up and balances up the skin. I always imagine the pre cleanse as removing a mask layer on my skin and then the second cleanse as actually treating the skin, if that makes sense!

REMOVE PRE SKIN CLEANSE: This stuff is amazing. It's a fairly thick yet non-sticky luxurious oil that you apply to dry skin to remove make up, using your fingertips to work it into the skin, one pump is all that's needed. After you've noticed the make up dissolving you then add some water to create a silky lather, and then rinse off. It melts away make up with such ease that you don't even need to use a muslin cloth or a flannel, for this reason I have to say it's one of the best make up removing cleansers I have ever tried. It's not advised for eye make up removal but I use it for that and have no problems but you may want to use it just for face make up if you have extra sensitive eyes.

CLEANSER: Along with the Pre Skin Cleanser this feels so luxurious and smells just like a product that you'd find in a high end Spa, it makes washing your skin such a pleasant experience. It's a gel face wash that you apply to wet skin and form a lather by massaging it in, straight after you've used the Pre Cleanser. It feels as though it's giving the skin a really deep clean and removing excess oil whilst nourishing the skin too.

After using the two products together my skin felt so silky, smooth and squeaky clean. I can't recommend them enough, plus they are both packed with skin loving ingredients too. They both come in a bundle set at a reduced price, but also come in variants for different age ranges. My skin has been so much brighter and healthier looking for using these in my routine, definitely check them out.


  1. The pre cleanser sounds really great, i think i saw it mentioned on another blog too with a good review! x

  2. I love the sound of the pre-cleanser, even better it can be used without a flannel or muslin cloth!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. This sounds great, a bit like the dermalogica pre cleanse! X