August 10, 2013

collection colour pro intense colour lip lacquers

Collection recently launched a range of Intense Colour Lip Lacquers, which are basically highly pigmented lip glosses. I'm usually not a lipgloss fan due to them all lacking in colour but I've been impressed by these as they add a really nice pop of colour to the lips. They are fairly sticky feeling and are quite a thick formulation, but they do last a long time on the lips. I like the packaging too as it's sleek feeling and doesn't shout 'cheap' and inside is a doe foot applicator. I really like these two shades as one is a full on bright pink and the other is a more toned down nude peach colour, so if you are a fan of lipglosses I'd definitely recommend checking them out. 


  1. Im not usually a lip gloss fan but these look quite nice! The packaging really looks good for the price x

  2. I really like "rebel"! The other shade is a little too light for me I think :) The look lovely!

    X Valérie
    PS: I'm giving away two custom blogger designs! :)

  3. They are both lovely colours - I like that they don't look too glossy. The rebel shade it very pretty. I will keep an out out for these in Boots.

  4. I saw these today, I'm not a huge lipgloss fan but they did interest me, the colours are pretty nice :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-