December 18, 2012

fighting acne with skinetica

Today's post is an introduction into a skincare product that fights acne and blemishes. Thankfully I've never really suffered from either but I know finding a product to help achieve clear skin for people that suffer with acne can be very difficult so I'd definitely recommend trying out Skinetica to help with this.

Skinetica – a unique new treatment for acne, spots, pimples and blemishes that does NOT use highly toxic chemicals. Skinetica’s revolutionary method gives significant results within 2 days of use – sometimes faster, giving an almost immediate clearer complexion with no side effects. After extensive testing of Skinetica on 30 volunteers over a 72-hour period, Dermatest, a leading independent European dermatological research body, stated that Skinetica was “very good”.

Traditional acne and blemish treatments are based on old technology, and 99% of them contain highly toxic chemicals, such as benzoyl peroxide, salicyclic acid, azelaic acid, topical retinoids, and sulphur etc.  These chemicals are easily absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, and once in the body are very difficult to get rid of, or metabolise, and can cause a variety of health problems.

It is very simple and comfortable to use, just apply to the skin, wetting the infected areas, and leave for a few seconds, until air dried. It forms a microscopic coating on the skin, and becomes substantive to it. You cannot see it or feel it, but can rest assured it is there. Skinetica is the environmentally friendly and user friendly acne and blemish treatment. No toxic chemicals means no worries and no side effects.

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  1. i got a sample of this in my glossybox a few months ago and loved it :) x


  2. This looks like a good product. I know that everyone with breakouts wants the fastest way to get rid of acne. I like that this product coats and heals the skin at the same time. And if it works in 72 hours wow, then this might be the fastest way to get rid of acne! Great post and thanks for the review.