December 06, 2012

christmas gift guide - for the mums

The next post in my Christmas Gift Guide series is dedicated to gifts to buy for your Mum. Though any of the ideas in the post can also be used for Aunties, Grandmothers or friends of the family and such.

My Mum is a big fan of Avon make-up which is why a fresh set of products makes a great gift in her eyes. In my eyes the brand is slightly more targeted towards the older age ranges with their deep lipstick shades and berry shades of eye shadow and liners. Any Daughter's out there that have a good understanding of make-up, take Christmas as your time to shine with helping your Mum out with her make-up collection.

Every Mum loves a nice candle to light up on cosy nights in so give your Mum a treat with a set by Aromatherapy Associates. They definitely aren't cheap but at Christmas time it's all about treating your loved ones with luxurious gifts that they probably wouldn't splurge on for themselves. One of these candles has a fresh uplifting scent while the other smells relaxing and calming, making them a perfect duo to try out.

Crabtree & Evelyn products are the perfect option for the older Mum's and even Grandmother's out there. They are a familiar brand amongst the older ladies in my family and are always a welcomed gift under the Christmas tree. Be it hand creams, body lotions or soaps there is a whole range of products to chose from that are targeted perfectly for Mum's etc.

This rose scented set by Ren is a great idea for Mum's that are often on the go and travel a lot since all of the products are luxurious yet come in handy travel sizes.

For the past few weeks I've been enjoying this beautiful candle by Aveda at bath time. Once I light it the whole room fills with a relaxing and warming sent that is both calming and comforting making it a lovely gift.

Probably the most luxurious gift set out of all of my guides with a price tag to match is this gift box by Darphin. If you want your Mum to feel truly pampered and receive a skincare set that will look after her skin properly then it's definitely worth checking out the gift ideas that Darphin have to offer. I have no doubt that any Mum that enjoys her beauty products will be absolutely thrilled with such wonderful products, and I personally believe that Darphin target the older age group perfectly with the classic yet expensive feel to the brand and products.

My next gift guide post will be on 'stocking fillers' and will be up tomorrow!

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