December 19, 2012

lush | bubblebeard bubble bar

If you are a little confused as to what an earth a little iridescent cream coloured moustache on the end of a lolly stick is meant to be used for, let me explain. Whilst running the hot water into your bath you take the moustache wand as it were and swish around under the tap to create mountains of bubbles. I literally noticed a bath full of sparkling bubbles after around ten seconds of swirling the moustache in the water, more so than any bubble bath that I would usually use. It also gave my bath a lovely uplifting scent and as I was told in the shop it would last for around three baths I put it on the side for another use or two after I had enough bubbles in my bath. This bubblebar probably won't be something that you'd use in your baths regularly due to the price however I really enjoyed the quirkiness of it and think it would make a great gift.


  1. This one looks so nice! I think I might pick up this one next week!

  2. I agree these are great for gifts & i love that they are a little bit luxurious and fun. I try and have at least 2 LUSh baths a week. Any more & I would be bankrupt :o)

  3. I love lush bubblebars a box of lush goodies just landed on my doorstep this morning so im super excited :)x


  4. really want to try this, love the scent of it and it looks so fun! x


  5. Haha, wow, this looks amazing! Sadly they seem to have stopped selling them but I shall definitely keep an eye out in future. :)