May 09, 2011

nail rock leopard print nail wraps

The other day I tried out some nail wraps for the first time by Nail Rock and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to apply. I'm going to do a tutorial video soon on how to use them but basically you just pick the correct sizes from the sheet and stick them half on from the cuticle area, you then use a hair dryer on a low setting which melts them slightly and just rub over any air bubbles to smooth them down. After they are applied, depending on your nail size, you will probably have to snip any excess off the end with nail scissors and then file in a downwards motion to smooth the edge and make the wraps blend with your nails. The process is a lot easier with longer nails and as mine were short at the time it took a little longer than usual. But for a first attempt I think I did pretty well! It took around 40 minutes to complete both hands but with a bit of practice probably half that.

I wore them in London for a few events the next day and the got a handful of compliments which showed the effort was definitely worth it. I did actually end up removing them a few days later but only because I'm really bad at changing my nail colour constantly, most reviews say that they last roughly a week on longer nails. There are 24 nail stickers in a pack which means you get two sets of manicures (or even pedicures) for your money. If you fancy a different design then have a browse on the Nail Rock website as there are plenty of options.

Price: £6.65
Available at the Nail Rock website: Leopard print design


  1. They look so good!! I've always wondered how you apply these nails, thank you for this :) xx

  2. Wow they are really cool! :) xxx

  3. ooh wow so pretty! and at a reasonable price too :)

  4. I think nail wraps/ foils are a great idea. Perfect if, like me, you're a bit cack-handed when it comes to nail art! Yours look very neat and I'm glad to see them on somebody with short nails, since so far I've only seen them on ladies with talons.

  5. Thanks for the review - I've been wondering about these for a while!

  6. Great review, striking design!

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  7. i love this, i tried a primark version and they were really great aswell!

    shel xx

  8. Loving the Nail Rock wraps!

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  9. i have tried one kind of nail wraps recently, it is very good,easily apply and look fantastic. it is the right products for holiday! It save your time to make it!

  10. i love the leppard designs, it is always popular