February 03, 2011

chanel black pearl

In a slightly rare occasion I managed to get hold of a product pretty much as soon as it had been released yesterday. My mum brought me the new Chanel nail varnish in 'Black Pearl' from the new Spring/Summer collection home from work with her. Apparently the sales woman told her they had only two left and wouldn't be getting more stock in for a while. I was so excited to review it that I painted my nails with it straight away and instantly fell in love. She also managed to pick up 'particuliere' for me which I was equally as thrilled about as I've been lusting after it for ages, but I will review that in a separate post. 

 The shade is a metallic black with a very green and slightly blue shimmer to it. The name is spot on as it looks just like a black pearl with hints of green. I'm sure that you all know that I'm not usually the girl who would recommend going out to buy a £17 nail polish but in this instance I really would. The colour is so unique and applies beautifully that is is worth every penny. Personally I only buy a Chanel nail polish every few months or so as a treat because they are so expensive, but I wouldn't say they are out of my price range for doing so. They also sing out to me while arranged next to all of my other nail polishes and look far superior in comparison to my cheaper collections. 


  1. It's a pretty colour but i will skip it, i have alot of similar colours, maybe i will try the peach one.

  2. Lovely colour!

    I have Rouge Noir (18) which is also a gorgeous colour! :)


  3. This is such a gorgeous colour but I don't think I could afford spending that much on a nail polish.


  4. Oh wow, that is so beautiful! I really, really want that now! x

  5. Love that its got a slightly green tinge!

  6. i really want black pearl i just find it so hard to justify spending so much on a nail polish. i know the quality always reflects the price, and im sure when i finally get it i'll have wondered how i ever did without! xx

  7. Normally I think designer nail polishes like Chanel, Dior, etc. are so overrated but I love Black Pearl! I think it's such a unique color and I've never seen a dupe before. I want it!! x