February 17, 2011

kiehl's lip balm

As we all know the harsh winter weather can really take a toll on our lips and leave them dry and chapped a lot of the time. I also find that having the heating constantly on in the house can make the problem even worse and the only answer is to find a nourishing lip balm. I've tried bucket loads of lip balms and treatments in the past most of which just worked as a quick fix. The difference about the Kiehl's lip balm is that it doesn't just coat a moisturising layer over the damaged skin but actually works to protect and treat my lips. The other great thing about it is that it leaves a gloss like finish on my lips without feeling sticky, so it's a winner all round really.



  1. thanks for the review! i've been wondering about the ultra facial cream :D i guess i have to finish the @#$%^& moisturizers on my desks first, lol!

  2. Great review, I now want both of these products :) xx

  3. I have the lipbalm in Coconut and love it, but the texture of the cream looks great!

  4. i did a makeup shoot just before christmas, and it was around the time the weather was terribly cold, and so i turned up at the shoot with ridiculously dry skin and chapped lips.

    luckily the makeup artist, being the absolute goddess that she is, saved my life and pruned me up with creams and lip balms! she used this kiehls lip balm and i couldn't believe my eyes when she put it on. it was literally like a little invisible magic syrum.

    love to get my hands on that stuff! but it is quite pricey, and the taste is kind of horrible! don't you think?
    (sorry about the long comment!)

  5. look so amazing, need theseee.. especially the lip balm xx