February 04, 2011

models own spring/summer collection

I'm sure that a lot of people who have been following my blog for a while now will know how much I love Models Own nail polishes. They are priced well, packaged really nicely and come in a beautiful range of unique colours. I was sent a few shades from the upcoming Spring/Summer collection the other day, so imagine how excited I was to not only try out some more shades but for them to be exclusive colours that haven't even been released yet! But don't worry you won't have to wait to long for them as they will be released on the 23rd February.

A very pastel baby blue colour with a very subtle silvery ice blue shimmer in the light. This colour definitely reminds me of Beths Blue but a warmer toned alternative. It will be great to wear with a dark tan in the summer for sure.

Bronze Rage
I don't think I've ever seen a nail polish before that is so metallic for a copper colour. The base colour reminds me of the same colour as a penny but the gorgeous gold glitter running through it makes it look expensive over tacky. 

Black Swirl
This colour has a very definite silver tinge that my camera hasn't quite picked up in the swatch but you can see a few pictures above. A very dark black onyx colour with heaps of fine silver shimmer running through. This one is another unique colour as I haven't seen many metallic black colours that look this great.

I hope you enjoyed that little introduction to the Models Own Spring/Summer collection, I definitely recommend picking up a few shades when they are released. I currently have my eye on Utopia, Concrete Mixer and Pink Fever. I am aware that Nyla Nude will only be available exclusively to River Island and Orange Sherbet will only be available to purchase online, but the rest will be widely available in Boots stores and on the Models Own website.

Price: £5 each
 Available from: Boots stores & Models Own website from 23rd February.


  1. Out of the 3 I didnt think I'd like the bronze, but it's actually my favourite! Fab post x

  2. Wow! Bloo Bloo looks lovely!

    I also like the look of Nyla Nude and Utopia!

    Quite handy that these come out the week before pay day! :) I look forward to buying them!

    Great blog btw!



  3. Lovely. Can't wait to pick a few up xx

  4. Such pretty colours! I will deffo be purchasing nyla nude:)


  5. I wish we had access to Models Own in Canada, they look so cute and pretty.

  6. I love the look of bronze rage! Definitly going to be picking that up with a few of the others :) xxx

  7. oo they are lovely, you have stunning nails!

  8. woo, i love models own, aren't you lucky to be sent to review them ey? but i suppose you do a great job so thats all that matters!

    beautiful colours blooboo is def on my wishlist, all long with utopia and orange sherbert! xoxox

  9. The Bronze Rage one looks really pretty! :)

  10. I adore Model's Own polishes, they are really long lasting!

  11. I like the bronze!

  12. I need Bronze Rage in my life!

  13. I also love Models Own and these colours are amazing! That coppery bronze is to die for, I must get it when it becomes available.
    Just found your blog by the way and I love it! Definite follow :)

    Sian xx

  14. Your blog posts are always so helpful.
    Sarah <3 xx