September 01, 2010

current make-up #1

I look like a bit of a weirdo in these pics but whatever trevor. I recently bought 'snob' lipstick and oh my god why have I never owned it before now?! Its the most gorgeous muted pink colour and noticeable on the lips without being too bright. It seems to suit my skin tone really well which is always a plus. I've also been wearing Revlon Colourstay foundation constantly for the past few months and I find the coverage perfect and can't fault it really. Finally, I've been rocking smudged eyeliner lately, as I find that a harsh line looks really stupid on me. These pictures were taken a few days after I got my hair cut, I'm loving how my hairdresser cut my frindge!


  1. wish i could get away with a nude lipstick! always seem to look a bit chavvy... this looks great! xx

  2. Absolutely adore Snob, your post made me smile, I thought exactly the same when I first brought it. For me, it is the ultimate lipstick!

  3. Snob looks great on you :)

    One of my favourites too!


  4. i really want snob! your fringe looks lovely<3

  5. Lipstick looks great and I love your frings, really suits you! x

  6. Awww you look so cute! I love your hair and snob does look really good on you! :) Pretty girl!


  7. Hello Jess :) I love your hair its so perfect! I had mine cut a few weeks ago, and i checked your blog heaps for inspiration! I LOVE your fringe its gorge, wish mine would sit like that!
    Love your blog, more detox posts please, theyre fab! :)