May 04, 2010

models own top turquoise

I always seem to rant on about how much I love Models Own nail polishes. I adore so many of their colours as they are so unique and different. I keep swapping favourites as I try new ones out.. but I have to say that Top Turquoise is my ultimately my current favourite. Its funny how someone could like a nail polish so much. Whenever I look down at my nails when I have this on I always smile, it's so bright and cheerful. Paired with Seche Vite top coat it is a match made in heaven. If you love bright nails then seriously do not miss buying this, it also matches my skin tone perfectly, whereas some bright colours can really make my hands look pale.

You can buy Top Turquoise for £5 on the Models Own website, though keep an eye out for a Models Own stand in selected Boots stores!

What are your favourite Models Own nail polishes?


  1. oh wow! I love turquoise, one of my favourite colours in fact. darn I need spare money! aha

  2. thats a very pretty colour :) xo

  3. I don't have any Models Own polishes, I keep seeing them everywhere though, such pretty colours! x

  4. such a gorgeous colour! I can't wait for Models own to come to boots :) the backgrounds you've used are lovely! xx

  5. Pretty colors!!! Is that a new brand of polishes and is it only sold in the UK?