May 14, 2010

aussie haircare

Here are my favourite products to use on my hair at the moment. Every time I stop using these three I can really tell by the look of my hair. My hair always looks so healthy, shiny and happy when I use Aussie products!

Every single one of these is worth buying, they all smell delicious and yummy. They smell like a gorgeous fruit smoothie, but in no way sickly. Yummmmmm.

Miracle Moist Shampoo

My hair can often look dehydrated and dull looking, but using this shampoo really helps to combat that. Just an all round great shampoo. Combined with the other Aussie products it helps to maintain great looking hair.

3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy

This has to be my favourite of the bunch. You basically leave it on your hair, like a normal conditioner, for 3 minutes, and it transforms your hair! My hair simply cannot live with out it. As I have naturally curly hair it tends to go frizzy very easily. This has to be my 'holy grail' product for frizzy/curly hair! It also makes my curls defined and lovely. Definitely worth investing in!

Luscious Long Leave-In Conditioner

It was so hard to choose my favourite between this and the conditioner. It really helps to nourish my hair and keep it at its best. It has to be the best leave-in conditioner I have ever used, by far. I seriously recommend this! 

I have been using Aussie hair products for about 4 or 5 years now, and have always loved their products.


  1. i love love love the three minute miracle! I use the coloured one. Its the ONLY thing that tames my hair in the shower, and allows me to comb it through pain free! I dont think i'll ever not use aussie. Does that mean we're addicted? :) xx

  2. I love aussie so much!!
    I have a post about them,
    Ive got the miricle moist range, as well as the deep treatment and leave in conditnor.
    I have just purchased the colour mate range too so im excited to try that :)
    and your right, the smell is so yummy!

  3. I love aussie products too! The peach smell is just gorgeous :)

  4. its so weird, i live in australia, and i have never seen these aussie products before.. lol, i guess ill have to go look for them now!

  5. I really believe Aussie could be the best High St hair brand out there. The 3min miracle never lets me down!

  6. I'll definitely have to pick up the shampoo and and leave in conditioner! I have the 3 minute miracle and I absolutely love it!

    Thanks for sharing :)