May 16, 2010

mac took my money..

I popped into Mac the other day and picked up some bits and bobs. I was pretty good and didn't end up going overboard this time. I usually end up spending close to £100 most times I go in there, madness! I'm trying to spend less on make up for the next few months and just get basic/staple eyeshadows & lipsticks etc. 

Shadestick in Beige-ing

I love wearing this alone on my eyelids. It draws attention to my eyes without being noticeable so it is really nice to wear with natural make up or a base for brown eyeshadows. It is so frosty but slightly warm toned.

Lipstick in Please Me

I'd describe this as a 'dirty pink' if you get what I mean. It is a gorgeous pink that is slightly grey looking. I really like this as an everyday lip colour as it isn't as bright as my usual St Germain. It would look really good on most people as a lipstick to wear to work, especially if you have brown hair and olive skin like me.


Eye shadows in Satin Taupe (left) and Blanc Type (right)

I bought these eyeshadows because I thought they would look great for everyday make up, again. I have wanted them both for ages, too. Blanc Type makes a great highlight and it also works great as a base for brown eyeshadows. Satin Taupe is a lovely frosty silvery brown, and not orange looking like quite a lot of brown eyeshadows can look like.



  1. great haul :)
    i really want satin taupe

  2. great choices! these look like they would make a good look all together! xx

  3. Please me looks great! I will definitely be adding that to my collection :D

  4. nice hauls ! hehe mac always stole my money too! lol :)

  5. satin taupe is one of my everyday favourites - good choice!

  6. Those are gorgeous colors!

  7. lovely items you picked out <3