April 18, 2010

neal's yard power berry facial mask

Neal's Yard sent me this along with the Pore Minimiser to try out and review. I have been eager to try out one of their face masks for ages as I am no strange to Neal's Yard. I started using their products around 6 months ago when my mum bought me the Orange Flower Facial Polish, which I love. Since then I have been in the shop near Borough Market in London and bought some oils. I always find they make the house smell gorgeous, better than air fresheners. I also tried the Melissa Hand Cream on in the shop a few weeks ago and it was gorgeous, I really want to buy it soon. The face mask comes in a lovely little blue glass pot, as most of the Neal's Yards products, which I love.

At first, I really wasn't keep on applying the face mask. It feels really sticky and gloopy at first but once you get used to it and apply it all, it isn't so bad. It smells gorgeous though, like liquorice and berries. I left it on for ten minutes, as advice on the side of the pot. Then once you start to wash it off, it turns to a milky cream. It is really rather odd, but it transforms from a sticky, gloopy mess to a milky/creamy soft consistency. Once you are halfway through washing it off, and it has completely turned into a milk, you can exfoliate your skin gently using the small seeds. It almost feels like a 3 in one face mask. You get the face mask to start with, obviously, then a cleanser type formulation on the skin, and lastly a gentle exfoliator.  Once it was all washed off, my skin was amazingly soft. My skin was also glowing, radiant and clear. The only downside to the product is that it costs £24.00 I know this will be a lot to most people, but considering it is made from 93% organic ingredients and it is certified fair trade, I guess it is worth it. I am only going to use this rarely, as it costs so much. I won't be racing to re-purchase this, but I have loved using it, I just wish it wasn't so expensive!
I am sure I will be more than tempted, however, to buy more later on.

That all being said, I would rate the face mask 8/10.

You can purchase the face mask on their website here and have a look at some more of Neal's Yard products, you won't be disappointed.

When first applied to the skin..

Halfway through washing it off, in what I call the 'cleanser' stage..

The final stage.. exfoliator..

I would love to know which Neal's Yard products you have tried!


  1. I think that I would like to try this. I got the free Power Berry Moisturiser with Marie Claire and was so impressed, I brought a back up. I know some people were not keen on the smell but it reminded me of fruit and made me feel all healthy!;)

  2. Ouch £24 is a lot! I've tagged you for an award on my blog :) I did check and I don't think you've done it before. Sorry if you have! xxx