April 16, 2015

and other stories fragrances

Although I'd already featured these in my Christmas gift guide a few months ago, I've come to love them so much that they most definitely deserve a blog post of their own. They are all such unique combinations and put most other brands of perfume completely to shame.  Plus they are priced really well too.

Fig Fiction | I'm utterly obsessed with beauty products that have a sweet fig scent, most of which being Wild Fig and Cassis by Jo Malone. If your budget doesn't quite stretch far enough for the Jo Malone version, most definitely check out this one as an alternative. 

Botanical Whisper | This is a grown up scent with a slight zingy sharpness and is the one I'd say probably has the most different notes going on. For a truly different from the crowd type of fragrance, this is it. 

Moroccan Tea | There's something strangely satisfying about having a tea scent integrated into a perfume. If you're on the hunt for a completely uplifting, yet fresh and slightly sweet scent then this is your answer. 

Punk Bouquet | This is just about my favourite of the bunch. Think Britney Spears Fantasy but with a much more refined and sophisticated edge. It has a sultry sweetness that I simply adore, plus the bottle of this one looks so effortlessly cool.

and other stories fragrances | £26

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  1. Fig Fiction sounds incredible! <3

    Stephanie xxxx