February 22, 2013

the body shop hemp hand protector

This hand cream has been one of my favourites for many years, and I was actually first introduced to it by Mum who was using it religiously from around eight years ago until now. If there's one thing that she's an expert on regarding beauty products then it's hand cream, and I know that if she recommends one then it's good stuff. Thankfully I now have my own tube so I can stop pinching hers and have tried it out properly for myself. The product is very thick so you only need to squeeze a small amount out of the tube, it almost feels as luxurious as a mask. Although it's thick it does sink into the skin with ease and doesn't leave a greasy feeling, the smell is also really nice and fresh but not overpowering. I do get very dry hands in the Winter and this cream definitely keeps them soft and moisturised if applied daily, a big winner in my book and definitely has 'holy grail' status in the hand cream category. It's one of their best sellers for a reason!


  1. Love this - it smells gorgeous and works like no other hand cream I've tried.


  2. I love it as well. And it lasts for ever! Best hand cream I've ever used.

    xo, Vita

  3. This is the best hand cream, I use it every night, religiously. I've even convinced quite a few friends to start using it too.

  4. I love this stuff, it's so so good and really underrated! x


  5. Really want to try this! For the price it sounds great! :) ♥