March 31, 2015

cost effective teeth whitening and brightening

| Oral B Pro 600 | £24.99 (1/2 price)

We all know by now that brushing regularly with an electric toothbrush is by far the best way to healthy, whiter teeth. There are tons to choose from but if you're keeping an eye on your spending then check out this Oral B version that's currently on sale at half price. If you fancy investing into a fancier version then have a lookout for the Oral B Pulsonic, which is by far the best I've ever used. 

Oral B Pro 600 Review

| Crest Whitening Strips | £34.99

In my experience, absolutely nothing works as well at brightening up my teeth than Crest Whitening Strips. I've used them for years but only ever use a course of 20 strips around every 6 months or so to be sure that my teeth aren't made to become overly sensitive. I have to buy mine from eBay as they aren't available in the UK but I always make sure to find a reputable seller and spend a little more to buy them in a sealed box. 

| Pearl Drops Instant White | £2.99

Whenever I'm taking a break from whitening strips I use this whitening toothpaste which always keeps my teeth looking pearly. You won't ever notice a huge difference with using just a whitening toothpaste alone, but I've found that this version works better than any other.  

Crest Whitening Strips Review

| Coconut Oil Pulling

I'm yet to ever try coconut oil pulling but I've heard great things about how it can naturally whiten your teeth. Track down a jar in your local supermarket and simply swish a teaspoon sized amount around your mouth for 20 minutes, spit the oil out, then rinse with warm water. This method is far better for your teeth than using any kind of bleach type product and also cleans away any bacteria too. I will most definitely write up and update once I've given it a go. 


  1. Confession time: I have absolutely terrible teeth. People speak so highly of these strips but I never realised you could buy them of Ebay. I think I need to go get my card! xx

    Feminine Evelyn