March 18, 2015

male grooming products | (01)

Although I tend to natter on mainly about lipsticks and girly things I thought it would be a good idea to feature some male grooming products every now and then too. I realise that there is only a tiny percentage of actual males viewing my blog (if any), but even so, the products that I include are all ideal for gift ideas too. 

Fudge Urban Tin Waxes | £6.99 (currently on offer at £4.66) |

These little tins come filled with hair wax and vary in strength of hold and finish on the hair. I tried these out on a friend of mine and can indeed report back that they work brilliantly. I don't usually get that excited about male grooming products as a rule but the packaging and design of these has me won over completely. 

Wingman Face Scrub, Face Wash and Moisturiser | £3.99-£5.99 |

For any man on a bit of a budget or one who isn't overly fussy with the skincare products he uses, this trio of skincare products from Wingman are great. I like the minimal yet masculine packaging of these and can imagine them being what most guys would reach for first in the shop. 

Cornerstone Subscription Service | £30 every 12 weeks |

Possibly one of the most genius ideas I've come across in the male grooming category is this subscription box from Cornerstone. Inside comes a Pre-Shave Scrub, Shave Gel, 6 Razor Blades (along with a free aluminium holder for your first order) and Post-Shave Balm. There are options on their website to pick and choose how often you'd like for your order to be sent out, from every 6 weeks, to 12 and then 24. I'm a firm believer that every man needs to sign up and have their skincare/shaving situation sorted without ever having to go out to the shops again. 

The Real Shaving Co Face Scrub, Shave Gel and Soothing Balm | £4.59-£4.99 |

Last but not least, another budget friendly trio but this time from The Real Shaving Co. This set is almost identical to the Wingman products featured above but with slightly fancier packaging. 


  1. Nice to see posts for us men too Jess. The trio from The Real Shaving Co looks good,especially with all 3 coming as one,and at a reasonable price too.I like the packaging as well,looks colourful and fresh 👍👍

  2. Those hair wax tins are so cute! I wish my bf would use more grooming products...
    Fashion Infatuation

  3. This is what I am looking for! This is so perfect for my husband. I think he will like this one.