July 19, 2014

jo malone pomegranate noir candle

Jo Malone candles have been a favourite of mine for around a year or so now, there is just something about the packaging and variety of scents that conveys refined elegance which makes any of their candles an investment piece for the home. My first very own Jo Malone candle was the Fig and Cassis version which I received as a Christmas present, I absolutely loved the scent and it truly made winter evenings feel so much more cosy. Ever since then I've been craving the Pomegranate Noir candle as when I first visited the store it was my next favourite scent just after the fig so was over the moon when the brand kindly sent one over. I know that pricey candles can be seen as unnecessary to a lot of people, but in my mind they are so much more than just a pretty flame to look at. Jo Malone candles fill the entire room with such a beautiful uplifting scent that it improves my state of mind instantly and any stress from the day just melts away, I always find they help me start to drift off to sleep too. I like to save lighting mine just a few nights a week and that way I find it lasts a month or two. If you're looking for an uplifting yet calming scent then go for the Wild Fig and Cassis candle but if you want a more woody and deeply relaxing scent then the Pomegranate Noir will be the one for you, though I'd personally happily own both.


  1. I love Jo Malone Candles, they burn so well & like you say the scent really fills the room. I find that if you burn them for a couple of hours at a time the scent lingers all night long. I always treat myself to a couple every year

  2. Very luxurious! I always just buy some cheap $4 glade candles from Walmart. One day I'll be able to afford some really nice candles though!

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