July 11, 2014

embryolisse lait-creme concentre

Say hello to my favourite moisturiser in the whole world. I bought myself a few a couple of tubes back in Paris a few years ago after hearing Lisa Eldridge was a big fan and have been using it religiously ever since. I have dry/dehydrated skin so a good moisturiser is an absolute must, both in the morning and at evening, but I also can't stand my skin to be left feeling greasy with product. I find that a small amount of this goes a long way get it absolutely never feels thick of heavy on the skin, it just sinks straight in and instantly you are left with a radiant and healthy looking complexion. It never interferes with my foundation either and acts as the perfect base, it also has a mild milky scent which makes it feel even more soothing. I was also once staying overnight at a hotel and stupidly forgot to bring any make up remover which is when I remembered this doubles up as a cleanser too, it worked remarkably at that too and whisked away my make up with ease. Whilst it's ideal to take with you on overnight stays to use as both a cleanser, moisturiser and as a masque if you apply more product than usual I wouldn't recommend using it to remove make-up on a regular basis as it feels like a waste to just get washed off. After using this daily for a few weeks my skin looks much healthier and as if I have actually been drinking as much water as I should be doing, it's a miracle worker in a tube and I defy anyone with dehydrated skin to not become a huge fan too.

I managed to get a pack of two for just £14 in Paris two years ago, but sadly it's far more expensive over here. You can buy three in Paris for the cost of what just one tube is over here, cry. I'm going to put it out there and say that it is still worth the hefty UK price tag and I will happily buy it for that price once mine runs out. I would even go as far as to say if I was only allowed to use one skincare product for the rest of my life then it would have to be this, it really is that good.



  1. Ive been using this for the last few months & its nearly ran out. I regret only buying one when I was in paris now but I'm sure I'll repurchase it in the future! It really is a fantastic product.


  2. This sounds seriously lush... think I will wait until I'm next in Paris to get it though!

    Laura | Laurzrah xx

  3. I need to get my hands on it, I wonder how much it is in the US! I have super dry skin and nothing seems to work on it ):

    Krissy | teenagemakeupqueen

  4. Been debating whether to try this, having read your review i defo need to get it! Adele acesparklestar.blogspot.co.uk

  5. I love this moisturizer and find it suits my combination skin so well, and skins in pretty well! Such a shame that it is so expensive.. Its a good thing that a little goes a long way! xx

    Alexandra | The A Style | Beauty and lifestyle

  6. thanks for sharing your favorite product. it's always nice to know what beauty bloggers prefer for their skincare :)