April 21, 2013

sisley so intense mascra

Every time that I think I've found my favourite mascara another one is launched on the market which makes me ditch the last in favour of something different. I think all girls are in the same boat on this one and forever searching for the one. There have been a few that have come close, enough so that I'd be happy to buy them again but the perks of being a beauty blogger is that I am lucky enough to try out more than my fair share, which brings me onto this Sisley mascara. 

Sisley is luxury beauty at it's best, the prices are sky high and the quality of the products scream sophistication. I've recently been trying out the So Intense Mascara and have been hugely impressed thus far. The mascara wand is nothing short of genius, it literally grabs onto my lashes and combs the product through them to create beautiful thick feathery lashes that look clump free and volumous. It's a very well pigmented mascara as my eyelashes are left a shade of jet black and as the name would suggest, intense. I also noticed how gentle it felt, there's no scratchy feeling to the brush and my lashes end up feeling soft rather than crispy and hardened as with most mascaras. The only thing to watch out for is if you have typically watery eyes, as although it stand up well all day it doesn't cope at all well with any tears. I'd happily state that it's one of the best mascaras that I've ever tried, and if I had the budget I would repurchase it time and time over. I feel slightly bittersweet towards it because it's such an amazing mascara but the price means that it's not accessible to most, but I guess it depends on what beauty products you like to invest in. I will update you all in terms of how well it stands the test of time before it dries up in the tube, who knows it may earn it's value for money in that respect.


  1. I absolutely love Sisley's mascaras.

  2. this looks amazing on your lashes. i'm embarrassed to admit I've never tried a high end mascara, I always stick to drugstore! i'm a big fan of l'oreals mascara xx

  3. WOW, Looks like it does a wonderful job but I don't think I could ever justify spending £38 on a mascara. If I found it cheap somewhere I would snap it up. x

  4. I love their skincare.. never looked at their mascara.. but it looks wonderful on u.. might give it a try coz I'm forever looking for THE one too

  5. This mascara looks so amazing on you.. £38 is a lot of money but when it comes to eyes i think it is often better spending a little more as they are such a sensitive area..
    One thing i find is that mascaras often smudge on the bottom lashes.. did this one?

    Em xx


  6. VS stuff is so gorgeous, I love their fragrances. xx