April 13, 2013

aromatherapy associates miniature bath and shower oil collection

I've recently been indulging into luxurious baths by using these little capsules filled with bath oil by Aromatherapy Associates. When your bath is running you simply empty the contents of a whole vial into the water which creates beautifully scented water that fills the whole bathroom with a calming atmosphere. You can use them in the shower too of course but I'm far more of a bath person. They really are little miracle workers for when you are stressed out for various reasons, there is even a version to soothe aching muscles and one to help you breathe easy if you have a cold. I won't be using the collection in a hurry that's for sure, only once in a blue moon when I really deserve a good pamper night. I love how the oil treats my skin too and once I come out of the bath my body feels noticeably more moisturised and looks glowing, I also like to press some of the water onto my face with my hands as it's really nourishing. The collection of mini bottles is a really great idea if you are wanting to try a full sized version but aren't sure which to get as it means you can try the whole range and decide which is your favourite, they would also make a really lovely gift too.


  1. always thought these sounded lovely! think i'd get addicted though haha x


  2. They look beautiful - perfect that they can be used in the shower too as I prefer them :)

    Emily x - prettypleaseprettyplease.blogspot.com