April 08, 2013

chanel coco noir eau de parfum

My perfume collection is ever-changing and being updated with new fragrances however it has to be said that absolutely nothing could ever beat having a bottle of a classic Chanel scent on my dressing table. Don't get me wrong, I'm no perfume snob and will happily try out cheaper alternatives but everyone needs that bottle of special perfume, right? I've fallen head over heels for Coco Noir, it's such a sophisticated scent and is paired perfectly for those occasions of wearing a little black dress. It has a seductive twist but is lighter and more wearable than heavier Chanel perfumes, if I were to wear just one perfume for the rest of my life I'd certainly have to chose this one. The packaging alone is enough reason to send my heart all a flutter; a delicate black glass bottle with gold and white detailing. Although the price tag is sky high one spray on your wrists and one on your neck will leave you smelling irresistible all day long, it has immense staying power so hopefully the bottle will last a long time.


  1. I'd really like to sniff this haha! Sounds like an amazing perfume thought the price tag is just aaah :/

    Great post!


  2. so expensive but so beautiful!

  3. Because of the price I only wear this one for those special occasions too. My partner loves it and says this scent reminds him of me as this is what I was wearing on our very first date. I am actually running low atm, might have to send some subtle hints his way haha