February 10, 2013

soap and glory - the perfect manicure set

Recently I received this hand care pack by Soap & Glory to review and while it's no longer for sale as a set you can still buy the products individually. My hands are always ever so dry in the Winter and I regularly suffer from patches of dry and rough skin meaning I have to take extra care of them. Last year I was in college studying beauty so got treated to many paraffin wax and hand mask treatments on a weekly basis but now I have to use at home methods.

HAND FOOD HAND CREAM - £5.00 - This has been one of my favourite hand creams for many years now, it ticks every box and is a great price. The product feels thick and luxurious yet sinks into your skin straight away with no greasy feeling afterwards, and the smell is simply gorgeous as with all S&G products. There should be no reason as to why anyone wouldn't love this hand cream, it even comes in a mini size to keep in your handbag too.

ENDLESS GLOVE HAND MASK - £6.50 - There are few hand masks on the market in the beauty world, and considering the amount of hand creams that are sold I have no idea why. Hand creams are great for a quick fix and if applied regularly keep your hands moisturised however in my opinion they don't do nearly as a good job as masks. I squeezed a dollop of the product onto my hands the other night and then put on the gloves and left them on overnight as advised. Surprisingly having the gloves on all night was no bother and didn't irritate me at all. I woke in the morning to find all of the product had soaked into my skin and my hands felt amazingly soft. They stayed feeling like this for three to four days and remarkably almost cured all dry patches. Considering I have only used the treatment once I'm super impressed with the results and will certainly be sure to do the overnight routine every week from now on. If you suffer from dry skin on your hands or they are in need of a boost in hydration I guarantee this will work wonders. The product doesn't include gloves however regular cotton ones will work just as well, but use a smaller size than normal as this way the product will stay on the skin.


  1. ahh I have the hand cream too :D
    love the packaging,,! so pinky :p

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  2. I have this and think it's amazing, I was so skeptical of it and brushed it off as a gimmick, how wrong was I!! it really does work and my mid-thirties verging on wrinkly dry winter hands awaken soft and supple after using this! love it

  3. I swear by this, the mask saved my hands! xx

  4. I never tried a Soap and glory product, but these are on my list!
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  5. wow! i nvr knew there were hand masks. going to get me some soap & glory products (: