November 11, 2012

selfridges' the beauty workshop lucky bag

A few days ago I received a lovely little surprise package from the team at Selfridges including a 'lucky bag' from The Beauty Workshop which is soon to be launching online and in store. I don't know about anyone else but I've always loved lucky dip bags ever since being a kid so having a grown up beauty version is my idea of heaven. The bags include at least five products ranging from full sized to travel sized that are all from great brands. There is also a good chance of receiving a voucher anywhere from the value of £15-150 to spend at the Beauty Workshop to treat yourself to a pampering experience.

James Read Wash Off Fake Tan - Travel Size 30ml - (price for full size £18.50)
REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash  - Travel Size 50ml - (price for full size - £17)
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant - Travel Size 13g - (price for full size - £26)
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Demure FULL SIZE (£10)
Disco Duck Creme Brulee Lip Balm FULL SIZE (£3.99)
Nails Inc Nail Polish in Notting Hill Gate - Mini Size 4ml - (price for full size £11)
Anatomicals Snog Me Senseless Mints FULL SIZE (£1.55)

This little fella is definitely my favourite thing to come out of the bag, he's a little pot filled with creme brulee flavoured lip balm!

The bags will be available online from 14th November priced at just £15 but with only 1,000 available so you will have to be quick in line to snap one up. I think the concept is a fabulous idea and can definitely imagine the lucky bags being a big hit amongst beauty lovers wanting to give themselves a little treat before Christmas time.


  1. love this! definitely want to get my hands on one, the duck is so cute!



  2. This is a great idea. Love the little duck!

  3. cute products, but I'd kind of expect a higher class of products from Selfridges

  4. wow, this looks great! I love the little duck too! xx

  5. The glittery duck is so cute! xo

  6. woooow! I need one... setting an alarm on my phone for 14th November, I need one of these!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  7. Wow! Lucky you!! Looks amazing.

  8. I love the look of everything, but the duck is definitely the best! x

  9. I will be trying to get my hands on one. There are some fab things in it..... esp the duck

  10. I managed to get my hands on one of the boxes, and to be honest that was far, far better value for money. I'm disappointed with Selfridges as I can't help but feel that they're just going off the advertising for that. In addition to that, they are only giving out 5 of the gift cards to paying customers(according to britishbeautyblogger, although it is telling that they haven't specified it anywhere) and to me sending one to a blogger to review including a gift card smacks of Glossybox's false promises advertising campaign. I'm really glad to see your review of some of the possible products though so that I can make an informed decision not to buy one.

    1. Thanks for your comment Imogen. I will be sending an email to Selfridges to clarify the amount of gift cards that will be given out in the lucky bags. You are quite right in saying that they should have a disclaimer stating how many cards will be given out!

    2. Thanks for checking up on it! Hopefully her information was incorrect although they do state a 'handful', which would suggest not many more than perhaps 10. Either way, I will be interested to see the ratio of bloggers to paying customers receiving the gift card as well(no reflection intended on bloggers, just the comapnies to be clear:). Perhaps beauty boxes have made me somewhat cynical when it comes to advertising. I look forward to seeing your thoughts on the products, who knows, perhaps I will regret not buying one!

    3. Hi Imogen, I've checked with Selfridges and have been told that there are many vouchers ranging from £15-150 with a good chance of receiving one worth lower values.

    4. The vouchers a lovely treat on its own, and the contents of the bag is worth more then you pay. Have just purchased one on behalf of my boyfriend for me, as a stocking filler. When it comes think i may have a sneak peak see if i was lucky enough to get a pamper voucher. Could do with a good pamper. :) i love the little ducky. X

  11. Wow, we love the look of these goodie bags! We'll be scrambling to get one on the 14th, guaranteed!


  12. Not bad for £15, but the scope for disappointment is big, especially as £15 is more than I'd usually pay for a lucky bag or box. The cynic in me can't help but wonder how 'random' sample bags sent out for review will be, ie are they representative of the brands and products most people can expect, or have they sent out their best mixes to try and drum up sales? I hope I'm wrong, and everyone ends up with lovely items like Demaologica, Nails Inc and that gorgeous ducky! Almost worth it on it's own ;)


  13. God i want one so bad lol.


    kate xx

  14. I wanted one of these and went online yesterday morning but the disappointing £4.95 p&p really put me off buying it! It will end up being nearly £20 and at the end of the day I can get myself 2 Glossybox/Joliebox for the same price with more products which will be just as lovely! =)



  15. hmmm....I tend to agree with beauty tricks and I'm starting to regret my purchase

    Firstly - vouchers are only for treatments, only useful to those in London or Manchester.

    #2 - Your box looks very nice - Ren, Dermalogica, Nails Inc and cute duck. I've seen another one with cheap brand soap, fake tan, bourjois nail off...quite crap really.

    #3 - any lucky bags gifted to bloggers should NOT contain gift vouchers. Simple as that. Only paying customers should be entitled to chance to win a voucher. Otherwise if there's 100 vouchers (in the 1000 bags) and 20 bloggers are gifted a bag...that could be 5 vouchers of the loop. THat's unacceptable Selfridges - you are using the bloggers as free advertising and ya boo sucks to your paying customers.

    Fingers crossed for REN, Dermalogica, Eve Lom in my lucky bag - the kind of premium brands I would expect from Selfridges. NOT bourjois and Dr Bronners cheap soap!!


  16. Wish mine was as nice! unfortunately I got home to discover a very disappointing selection, which included a pack of tissues! The cheek of it! Also got the nail polish in the most hideous brown colour, disposable nail files, vitamins and liquid soap. And I was so hoping for something to cheer me up! :(

  17. I received my bag today it is the biggest pile of rubbish I have ever received. I subscribe to Joliebox and Glossybox so I know not everything will please everyone but I don’t think I will use any of the products.

    In my bag I got,

    Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar
    Anatomicals Snog Me Senseless Mints
    Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner
    Beauty Junky - Aromathery Face Mask
    Nail Whitening Soak Tablets
    Violent Eyes - Jet Black Glitteratti

  18. This post is an absolute scam.
    They give you all top brand makes & a gift card to make it look like you are getting a must have fantastic bag, when in reality you are being conned to part with £20 with rubbish they couldn't even sell for 90% off.

    Must haves....

    Breath mints....

    What from a weekly shop?,

    So so so glad i did not part with my hard earned cash on this joke.

    Selfridges should be ashamed, i thought they were a reputable company.......


    1. With a product that varies so much in what people receive as the name suggests 'lucky bag' it really does just come down to personal preference. A lot of people have been happy with their bags and some have been disappointed but as far as my blog post goes I think it's very rude to blame me for the fact some people haven't been happy with their bags. I just reviewed what I was sent as every other blogger does and can't be blamed if people felt unhappy with their bags.

  19. False advertising. Made to look like you will be getting top brand names not rubbish.
    Its made to look like everyone will get a gift card not just 5 ppl.....

    1. If people have received bags they are not happy with that isn't my problem. I could only write about what I received and had no information on what other people would get. Also Selfridges stocked lucky bags with much more than just 5 giftcards so I'm not sure where you got that from.

    2. It's so clear that all these ridiculos anons are the same person on each comment, they're pretty much saying the same thing in every one, and no surprises they're ALL anon... Don't really see why they're having a go at you? Even if Selfridges are falsely advertising by sending bloggers the best bags and gift cards, how is that the bloggers fault?! Email selfridges and give them an angry keyboard attack!
      Eleanor x

  20. This is a joke, why talk about a bag that is different from the ones they have? I will email them to complain.

  21. It is becoming very clear what has happened here and Selfridges should hang their head in shame. I haven't come across many people who liked theirs Jess so not sure who you are referring to - the general consensus is pretty negative.

    #1 - Selfridges have about 500-1000 units each of various crap they can't shift. Tissues, vitamins, shite face masks, mints, lip balm.

    #2 - Some bright spark in marketing says lets chuck em all in a bag, a lucky dip type thing. But colleague says - no one will buy it if they know all that shite is in it.

    #3 - Bright spark says - let's cherry pick the best of the items - REN, Dermalogica etc and give it to ONE beauty blogger who will *probably* say it's quite good value and most other people will jump on the hype bandwagon.

    #4 Beauty Blogger does as is expected and reviews the bag favourably (as her bag, is in fact, quite good and everyone hopes to get something similar so duly orders) Possibly she even received the only £150 gift card. Was that intended? Who knows. It's cheaper than advertising so it wouldn't surprise me.

    #5 Bag is released. Sells out within an hour. Surprise, surprise.

    #6 The REAL reviews happen with the REAL bag contents. Utter tat like nail art, Boots brans like Bourjois, nail candy (not even classy ciate caviar...neon bright colours for 5 yr olds) some people get 2 lip balms, tissues, chewy vitamins (note to Selfridges...vitamins are NOT A BEAUTY PRODUCT!!) and disappointed ensues over the blogosphere and twitter.

    #7 -Selfridges ignore any negative tweets, only focus on the good reviews (few and far between) What do they care...it sold out!

    #8 - Customers left with bad taste in mouth over Selfridges and they lose a few customers. Again, they probably don't care - they got their money and they make enough in store from tourists.

    Lesson learned by us? Yes I'm afraid so...never doing that again unless there are at least 10 blog reviews, with at least one negative one so I know what I'm getting in to. God damned I could have bought something nice from Illamasqua, MAC, NARS for my £20 (The SHOCKING £4.95 delivery)

    I feel like a total idiot.

    1. If you have a problem with what you received in your bag then I suggest you contact Selfridges directly rather than leaving comments on my blog, it's not my problem. And for the record I certainly did not receive a £150 gift voucher.

  22. Update on my order, I've contacted Selfridges customer services and they've dealt with in a great way. All is forgiven! :)