November 24, 2012

24 days of christmas with liz earle

This year I've decided to ditch the usual chocolate advent calendar in favour of an amazing skincare themed calendar from Liz Earle aptly named '24 Days of Christmas with Liz Earle'. The calendar is jam packed with travel sized beauty goodies ranging from their famous cleanser to face masks and moisturisers. This means that you can try out most of the range for a fraction of the price of what it would cost to buy all of the products separately, and you will also have handy travel sizes of your favourite products to take in your suitcase. I'm not saying that everyone should rush out and buy a £100 advent calendar however I would say that if you have yet to try Liz Earle products you should definitely consider purchasing the calendar to have a go with the products. If you think about how much skincare products cost these days you would pay around the same price for two high end skincare products so 24 trial sized products is great value. Alternatively the calendar would make a fab gift!


  1. Wow, that is one expensive advent calendar! It does seem intriguing though - I bet it'll be lovely to have those products!

  2. I wish I had £100. This looks yummy. And so much healthier than chocolate ;) <3

  3. I wish I could afford this because I think it's a fab idea... I'll be sticking to chocolate this year though :(

    Frances xx


  4. 100 pounds for an advent calendar?! what a joke