September 22, 2012

velvotan products for a streak-free tan

Any experienced self-tanner will know that using a tanning mitt is essential for a streak free and even application of fake tan. There is no use stocking up on expensive tanning products if you don't get the application stage right, as even with the best will in the world you can still end up with blotches. Baring all of that in mind I have been trying out a selection of products recently by Velvotan to try and achieve the perfect tan.

Body Polishing Sponge

Prepping your skin before the actual application of tan is a crucial stage and one not to be missed out. I like to use the sponge with some soap in the shower to buff away any dead skin cells which leaves my skin silky smooth and ready to apply the self-tan. It's also great to gently scrub away any old fake tan that has started to go blotchy.

Self Tan Back Applicator

This is the most genius product of the bunch in my opinion, if any of you struggle to apply your fake tan in those hard to reach areas then this is a must have. The nifty device folds out and doubles in size (as in the picture above) when it is in use and can then be closed up again so it doesn't take up as much space. It has a small sponge on the end and also comes with an extra when the old one has seen better days. It works really well at giving an even application of tan to your back however I'd recommend that you be careful with the lip of plastic that comes just over the sponge as it can scratch your skin sometimes.

Face and Body Mitts

The larger mitt does a great job and applies my tan really well just as I'd expect and the face mitt is equally impressive. I hadn't come across a facial tanning mitt before but after a few uses of this one I'd definitely look into repurchasing it in the future. It's an easier way to give an even application of tan to your face and makes sure that any small areas aren't missed. Overall they are both great products and I saw a huge difference in the look of my tan between using a mitt application on one occasion and my hands to apply the tan on another. Using mitts also makes sure that you don't end up with bright orange palms.

Velvotan products are available in Tesco stores or online at Fragrance Direct for a cheaper price.

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