September 17, 2012

umberto giannini products for volume

Recently I was sent over a selection of Umberto Giannini products that promise to give your hair lots of volume and have been testing them out for a couple of weeks. My hair isn't particularly limp or flat however in terms of buying products for my hair I usually reach for any that promote volume over anything else as I like to try and achieve big hair just like any other girl. The shampoo has shimmer running through to give hair shine, but don't worry you won't step out of the shower resembling a disco ball. It's not at all noticeable in your hair but I did notice that my locks looked shinier than usual after using this so I guess it did a good job. The conditioner was light and non-greasy feeling which meant that my hair took a little longer than usual to need another wash as it wasn't weighed down with product. I'd say that if you have particularly dry hair to look at other products in the range as these don't offer a lot of nourishment but for oily hair I'd imagine they would be perfect to gently strip away the oil and give your hair volume and bounce. The root boost spray is great too, I just hold up sections of my hair and then spray into the roots as the name would suggest. I usually like to use my Umberto Giannini 'Backcomb in a Bottle' but this can be a bit too heavy feeling on my hair and I have to end up washing it the next day because of product build up, however the root boost spray is like a lighter version of this and gives my hair plenty of volume without it feeling weighed down.

Umberto Giannini products are currently on a 3 for 2 offer at Boots, so get them while you can.


  1. Great review. Do you blow dry your hair when using the root boost spray or use it on dry hair?

    Ria x